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That title's a mouthful! So I have an absolutely positioned parent element with 100% height, its children imgs have a 100% max-height. Now, while WebKit (Chromium25) and Opera (12) shrink the parent's calculated/rendered width to match the imgs new (smaller) width, Gecko (FF21) leaves it as the imgs (collective) original width and the parent appears to have a big right padding.

See here: (huge screen owners: please resize your browser window so the grey images begin scaling down)

Now I've read that position: absolute is overused (and I found a workaround to the problem), but I would still be interested in

  • a solution that makes Gecko behave like WebKit (IMO WebKit's way is more logical. Or am I wrong?)
  • an explanation of the different behaviors, and maybe something like best practices concerning future encounters with this situation (but please be more constructive than "don't use position absolute" ;)


Edit: my workaround isn't perfect, because I end up with the parent element having an 100% width, so I can't have an absolutely positioned child with right: 0. When I set the parent to display: inline-block, WebKit shows the same behavior as Gecko. Cf. and make sure to have a really small result window. Notice the first div's right padding.


  1. I'm afraid the solution to the original problem might just be: it's weird. As @Diodeus points out, there's a problem with position: absolute vs. height: 100%. To me, this never occurred to be a problem: both browser scale images down to the (max-)height of the viewport (even if this not specified) BUT their, er, placeholder is, at least horizontally, not scaled correctly, as far as i can tell. This error margin increases as the parent container gets smaller. And while WebKit shrinks the parent to neatly wrap its children, it only does so upon page load, not after a resize...
  2. In my workaround - devoid of position: absolute/height: 100% - I discovered a Gecko/WebKit inconsistency:; with box-sizing: border-box (resp. -moz-box-sizing) WebKit shrinks the parent to match the childrens' width (blue div smaller than the yellow one) while Gecko does not (blue and yellow div equal width).
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Absolutely-positioned elements are not in the document flow, therefore "100% height" has no context. 100% of what....? –  Diodeus Jul 23 '13 at 14:57
@Diodeus: …100% of the viewport. At least, that's how they appear. They scale down "correctly" (- that is, as I would expected, even if formally incorrect), while apparently their widths don't. See Edit2. –  kubi Jul 23 '13 at 19:08

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