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How can this be rewritten using the new scripting syntax along with the hibernate query language in CF9?

<cfcomponent output="no">
<cffunction name="Login" output="no">
    <cfargument name="UsrName">
    <cfargument name="UsrPassword">

    <cfquery name="local.qry">
    SELECT * FROM UsrView
    WHERE UsrName = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#arguments.UsrName#">
    AND UsrPassword = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#arguments.UsrPassword#">
    <cfreturn local.qry>
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Why are you trying to query from a view with Hibernate? – yfeldblum Nov 23 '09 at 2:38
I allow the database to do the heavy lifting by defining views that have all the joins. Then I select from the view instead of selecting from tableA join tableB. – Phillip Senn Nov 23 '09 at 18:29
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Is this what you are after?

  public query function Login(UsrName,UsrPassword){
    // get array of entities matching filter
    var arrayOfUsers = EntityLoad('User',{
      UsrName=arguments.UsrName, UsrPassword=arguments.UsrPassword
    // convert entity array to a query object
    return EntitytoQuery(arrayOfUsers);
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Wow! That's fantastic! I wonder if I should return the arrayOfUsers instead of EntitytoQuery(arrayOfUsers)? This is a start-from-scratch project, so I don't have any need to maintain legacy code or methodology. What's the better way to handle data coming from a SQL Select statement now? Is it arrayOfUsers, or EntitytoQuery(arrayOfUsers)? – Phillip Senn Nov 23 '09 at 18:27
@cf_PhilipSenn it depends. :) If you have methods in your entity that your view layer might need to call, then return an array of users. If you need to populate something like a cfselect, then query is the way to go. – Henry Nov 23 '09 at 20:06
@cf_PhilipSenn and I think CFQUERY is more efficient than EntityToQuery() or HQL. – Henry Nov 23 '09 at 20:06

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