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two weeks ago, we made a mistake and removed the .htaccess password protection from, where we maintain the development version of our site.

That lasted 3 days, until we noticed the error and introduced again the password protection. We did a few checks and we saw that Google had already indexed the development subdomain, and in some cases, it was placing the URL before the We were not happy...

A couple of days later, after reading everything that we could find on the subject, we decided to do the following:

  • remove the .htaccess password again
  • introduce a disallow to the beta subdomain in robots.txt
  • introduce 301 redirects from to

We've been working like this for about a week now. However, I am not convinced we applied the best solution: now we cannot use for development anymore, and we are sending the strange message to Google that is the target of something prior to ir (which is not the case).

I'm tempted in introducing again the .htaccess protection and delete through Google Webmaster Tools. But before doing so (which would be the 4th change in 2 weeks, which I'm sure Google is not going to like) I'd love to get some advice from people who understand Google better than I do.

Any ideas/comments? I'll greatly appreciate any information that will help us take a good decision.



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There is still hope!

Switch your beta/development server environment to a different subdomain, ex: and put the .htaccess password on that. Also add a robots.txt file disallowing and crawlers on that dev server/subdomain just in case you remove the .htaccess accidentally again.

That will provide you access to your dev environment.

now you have a couple of different options with the beta. subdomain. Essentially you want it to disappear from the index. All of these options involve opening up the beta. subdomain (remove the .htaccess password) and allow Google to crawl it.

  • Option 1 301 every request on that subdomain to the main domain (if your URL structure is the same just change the domain, otherwise 301 every request to the homepage)

  • Option 2 answer every request with a blank page using robots noindex tag to remove the URL from the index

  • Option 3 make every url in that subdomain error out with 404 or 500. Either will effectively drop the result from the index.

With all options don't forget to take ownership of the beta. subdomain in GWT and use the change of address to tell Google the is now the "new" home for see: for more info.

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Thanks a lot! We were a bit afraid the 301 would somehow be bad for the main domain, since we would be telling Google that it was the 'new' beta. Which is not true, it is just that we made a mistake. But if you think that would be a good solution, then I guess we can stick to the solution we implemented (with the few tweaks you mentioned). Thanks! – Ra y Mon Jul 23 '13 at 14:41

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