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I currently trying to Implement a Calculated Member (SSRS or SSAS ) which would Show me the Average Values per Customer, i hereby Need to devide the Sum of Values from all Projects, and devide it by the amount of Projects that don't have 0 as a Value. A similiar table of Values like the one I am using is shown below.  

> Customer   | Project   |  Value      |
> Customer1  | Project1   | 124.24...  |
> Customer1  | Project2   |     0.00   |
> Customer1  | Project3   | 242.221... |
> Customer1  | Project3   | 72.221...  |

  now what i tried to do in my Calculated Member is the following (i tried this in both SSRS and SSAS)

Sum([Measures].[Value]) /Count(Filter([Order].[Project], [Measures].[Value] > 0))

my hope was to filter out the Amount of Projects that have a Value of Zero, and divide the sum of Values only by the Amount of Projects that have a Value of <> 0. the Problem is, when i get to the browser so I try my Calculated Member out the Count Value of Projects (relative to the ex. above) is 1 instead of 3, and the Average value I get is :

(124.24 + 0 + 242.221 + 72.221) / 1 as opposed to (124.24 + 0 + 242.221 + 72.221) / 3  --(not devide by 4 because 1 project has the value of 0, and that's the one I want to exclude from the Count that I make). All Help is very Appreciated, i thank you all in Advance.

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My question has been answered on the MSDN Forums by Duane Dicks, which I'm gonna post below.

" think why you are only getting 1 instead of 3 is because your filter is only looking at the all member and it should be looking at it's children.

Something like this should do it:

Sum([Measures].[Value]) /Count(Filter([Order].[Project].level(0).Children, [Measures].[Value] > 0))

" MSDN: How to find the Average in a Calculated Member with filtered Values?

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