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How do I get my src/test/resources/ file to override my /src/main/resources/ during testing? The first ends up under target/test-classes, and the second is under target/classes.

Yes, I've looked for duplicates, but in this case, I don't have a mix of loggers - I'm using only slf4j-log4j12.

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You could use maven profiles combined with filtering and maven-war-plugin, all in pom.xml. With this you can define what you need to have in

Example with logback:

Defining a variable in


Defining a placeholder in logback.xml (equivalent to


Profile definition:


Filtering (pom.xml):


Then you could use profiles directly with maven using option -Ptest or selecting it in your IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse...)

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Sorry, my bad. This bug suggested maybe my issue was a dependency on a bad version. Sure enough - 2.3 was too old; updated version behaves as expected.

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