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When I run py.test in my project directory tests are run twice. However py.test--collectonly collects only once. And so I have 413 items collected of which 31 are marked to skip (DB/file using). When I run the test without --collectonly I get 826 tests with 62 skipped, sometimes a few less.

Edit: I discovered that it only happens when running from within bash script. I printed the command just before it is run (py.test lib/python/ -l). When I do the same from interactive shell I get correct result too.

Even closer look at the script (in the middle of this edit) revealed that empty "$@" is actually passed as an empty parameter and is equivalent to py.test lib/python/ -l '', which causes incorrect behaviour and any parameter fixes it (like --collectonly did).

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My guess is that in your package/__init__.py you have the modules imported. –  woozyking Jul 23 '13 at 13:30
You could try to run -vv (very verbose) and look at the test files actually executing. –  hpk42 Jul 24 '13 at 21:15
POSIX shells are required to do word splitting for "$@", so if you end up with an empty parameter, then this parameter was already given to the script. –  Helmut Grohne Jul 31 '13 at 18:53
What are your plugins? I had this bug too, each test case was being run twice. I'm on win32, I have uninstalled pytest-xdist, pytest-django-sqlcount, pytest-spec, pytest-smartcov and the problem disappeared. Pytest 2.7.1 on Python 2.7 –  dotz Jun 12 at 21:51

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