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Do anyone know the code for a character that is used for coordinates, i.e. longitude and lattitude? Its similar to the symbol for celsius, like an 'o'

I suspect that there's a code for it with a backslash. (\xxxxx)

enter image description here

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What you are looking for is \u00B0, the degrees symbol. It may be used for temperature and angular location as is being done in your case.

Minutes should not be done with the apostrophe. Use \u2032, the prime.

Seconds likewise should use \u2033, the double prime.

The image below shows that the prime and apostrophe are indeed different:

Comparison of prime and apostrophe

Differences may also occur in parsing the text, such as by a screen reader.

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You're looking for the degree symbol U+00B0.

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It's referred to as the degree sign.

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