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I have an Android app I wrote that uses a sqllite database, now I am writing the same app for iPhone. How do I use the existing sqllite database from my android app in the iPhone version?

More specific questions:

  • Where do I place the actual sqllite database - What folder?
  • Can I just use iPhone sql statements to open and read the data?
  • Could I just use an xcode emulator until I move the iPhone app to an actual device?
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If you're happy with using sql, you don't necessarily need to go through the CoreData pain barrier. Ray Wenderlich also has a good tutorial on using Sqlite directly in your app here:

Part 1 - SQLite 101 for iPhone Developers (Intro)

Part 2 - SQLite 101 for iPhone Developers (The actual coding with Sqlite)

His site is a great resource for experienced developers wanting a quick and practical guide to getting started with almost every aspect of iOS development imaginable.

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Here you can find a tutorial about how to import a SQLite Databse to core data:

How To Preload and Import Existing Data

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