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I would like to have all static assets (javascript, css, images) have this cache behavior:

  1. Cache them "forever"
  2. Their URL should be a unique URL generated from their content (e.g. MD5(content))
  3. Whenever the asset content changes, the URL for the asset changes, so clients know to fetch a new version.
  4. This should happen automagically without code changes.

Can I configure Play 2 to do this for me?

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AFAIK Play 2 automatically use caches for assets when using the Assets controller to generate reverse routes to your files.

From the book "Play for Scala":

As well as reverse routing, another benefit of using the assets controller is its built-in caching support, using an HTTP Entity Tag (ETag). This allows a web client to make conditional HTTP requests for a resource so that the server can tell the client it can use a cached copy instead of returning a resource that hasn’t changed.


The ETag header value is a hash of the resource file’s name and modification date. Don’t worry if you don’t know about hashes: all you need to know is that if the file on the server is updated, with a new version of a logo for example, this value will change. Once it has an ETag value, a HTTP client can make a conditional request, which means ‘only give me this resource if it hasn’t been modified since I got the version with this ETag.’ To do this, the client includes the ETag value in a request header

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This is nice, although I ask specifically about filenames. Some applications (e.g. CDNs) might not work with ETAGs. In this article about CDN Sumo on Heroku, ETAGs are not mentioned - - it seems to work with unique URLs (This way the asset is “fingerprinted” and if you ever change the file, the filename will change since it has a different “fingerprint”) – ripper234 Jul 23 '13 at 15:19
Sorry if this doesn't answer... I still have no practical experience of Play, only learning right now. Good luck – pagoda_5b Jul 23 '13 at 15:40

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