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Has anyone here used Microsoft Anti-Virus API to scan file uploads using any anti-virus ? What is your experience. I want to use mcafee, trend or other well known AV to be called programatically.

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It seems that Microsoft AntiVirus API is not suitable for scanning uploaded files. From http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms537371(VS.85).aspx

The Antivirus API enables software vendors to develop applications that scan Microsoft Office 2000 documents before opening them. The API also supports scanning Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 code downloads, such as Microsoft ActiveX Controls or installs. However, be aware that the Windows Internet Explorer scanning support applies only to automatic code downloads and not to file downloads or HTML documents. The primary purpose of this API is to give an independent software vendor (ISV) the ability to design and implement scanning software that can be used by all applications.


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You should either invest money into a malware filtering appliance (using something like ICAP or a proprietary protocol) that will scan all inbound traffic for virus/malware even before it hits your app. Here are some examples:


Another route is to do API level integration with a SaaS provider such as scanii.com

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