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I need to insert a code snippet in my index.html page, only when Grunt livereload is running. The basic idea is to run a fake HTTP server (which is easy with a few lines of sinonjs), but only when I am in dev mode with Grunt.

I know it is feasible because Grunt livereload is himself inserting a snippet at the bottom of the HTML page, the question is how do I insert my own code snippet the same way the livereload task is doing ?

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Depending on where you want your injected HTML, you could do something like the following (completely untested):

var livereloadUtils = require('grunt-contrib-livereload/lib/utils');
var oldGetSnippet = livereloadUtils.getSnippet;
livereloadUtils.getSnippet = function() {
    var snippet = oldGetSnippet();
    // add your snippet stuff to snippet. So either:
    // snippet += '<p>your html</p>'; //or
    // snippet = '<p>your html</p>' + snippet;
    return snippet;
var lrSnippet = livereloadUtils.livereloadSnippet;

This will only inject after the </body>. Take a look through the libs/utils.js to get a better idea of what is happening.

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nice thanks very much –  davidb583 Aug 14 '13 at 15:20

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