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I don't know if this is supported anywhere in HtmlUnit, but I'm doing some debugging and one of the things I need to do are some drag and drop options that can't be executed through traffic. I've tried many things similar as showed on this site:

However, this didn't move the object at all. For a bit more info, what I'm exactly trying to:

  • I have a table with moveable columns
  • I need to be able to drag and drop the columns in various patterns

I'm using eclipse as my IDE. Any suggestions on what to do? Does HtmlUnit even support drag-and-drop features?

EDIT: I've been researching how to do this quite some time with no fruitful results.

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Show some code, it makes easier to help. When you execute your code it show some error? –  brnfd Jul 24 '13 at 1:10
@brnfd: I would usually show some code, but what I'm doing is extremely similar to what is in the link I provided. There is no error that generates, it appears that the headless browser thinks it is doing something, when in reality it is doing nothing. –  Samuel Bauer Jul 25 '13 at 14:36

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