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I am attempting to create a script which will distribute a number of pdfs into a folder tree according to tags. I have the file metadata (including filepath) in a bibtex format. I have tried a number of work-arounds to import the metadata, but so far have been unable to get the filepath, year, title, and tags into a single data frame.

When I try to import using read.bib (which seems the simplest solution) I get the following error:

dbase_full <- read.bib("C:/Users/WILIAM-PLAN/Desktop/My Collection 23 07.bib")

Error in read.bib("C:/Users/WILIAM-PLAN/Desktop/My Collection 23 07.bib") :

lex fatal error:

fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed

I have looked up the error but language of the 'under the hood' part of the {bibtex} package (lex scanners etc) is beyond me.

Is there quick fix for this error? If not, is there another way to get the file metadata from bibtex into a dataframe?

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reproducible example? – Ben Bolker Jul 23 '13 at 14:40
Please submit an issue here: github.com/romainfrancois/bibtex/issues – Romain Francois Feb 22 '14 at 7:31

i had the same problem. The problem is that in the bib file could be in some fields (as abstract) lines with a lot of chars.. You need to split and wrap them. I hope it is useful

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