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Jasmine has a spyOn function but it only seems to have two arguments - the object, and the function name to call:

spyOn(foo, 'getBar').andReturn(745); 

So for example, if I call foo.getBar() I should get 745.

I'm just wondering, what if I have a unit test that wants to mock two different calls to getBar with two different parameters returning two different results.

e.g. say I want to mock the below results, how could I achieve the following?

getBar(1) = 700  
getBar(2) = 500
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You can use andCallFake to accomplish this:

spyOn(foo, 'getBar').andCallFake(function(n) {
  if (n === 1) {
    return 700;
  } else if (n === 2) {
    return 500;

  throw "Invalid input";
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