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The following query generates some initial data but for output I need to pivot it. I have a similar legacy query that is pulled into Excel and pivoted there where the data values are dates, but here I've combined text with a date (approved 10/11/2009 etc.) so that doesn't work for me since the data value is non-numeric.

SELECT   tc.TreatingCentreStudyID as [SITE_ID],
     p.ParticipantStudyID as [STUDY_ID],
     pv.VisitEye    as [STUDY_EYE],
     pv.ApprovalStatus + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(10), gvd.Vdate, 103) as [STATUS],
     (case sv.[StudyVisitDescription]
        when  'Baseline' then 'Baseline'
        when  'Month 12' then 'M12'
        when  'Month 24' then 'M24'
        else null
     end) as [VISIT_NUMBER],
     (case tci.[ID_ImageType]
        when 1 then 'COL'
        when 2 then 'FFA'
        when 3 then 'OCT'
        else null
     end) as [IMAGE_TYPE]
dbo.tblParticipantVisits pv 
inner join dbo.tblParticipants p on p.ID_Participant=pv.ID_Participant
inner join dbo.tblTreatingCentres tc on p.ID_TreatingCentre=tc.ID_TreatingCentre
inner join dbo.tblStudyVisits sv on pv.ID_StudyVisit=sv.ID_StudyVisit
inner join dbo.tblTreatingCentreImages tci on tci.ID_ParticipantVisit=pv.ID_ParticipantVisit
left outer join dbo.CARFvw___getVisitDate gvd on pv.ID_ParticipantVisit=gvd.pv_id and pv.VisitEye=gvd.eye

Can I alter the SQL query in such a way that the data is generated in a similar format to the Excel pivot? Ordered by STUDY_ID with one row per ID, then for each of Baseline, M12 and M24 there would be columns for COL, FFA and OCT, each with the text-date data. The customer is used to getting the data in Excel and using these various headings for filtering, but there would have been multiple rows per STUDY_ID if Baseline was approved but M12 was awaiting and so they wanted the data combined into one cell.

I've tried rewriting the query using min(case):

min(case sv.StudyVisitDescription when 'Baseline' then pv.[ApprovalStatus] + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(10), gvd.Vdate, 103) else NULL end) as 'Baseline'

and this works fine when I just need values for Baseline, M12 and M24, but I couldn't get it to nest another min(case) to allow the 'COL', 'FFA' and 'OCT' data to be included as well.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Can you somehow simplify the script to make the question a little more obvious? –  whytheq Jul 23 '13 at 17:16
Data contains: site, participant, image type, date, status and visit. A participant can have 9 rows of data - three images types taken over three visits. Output requires the data to be pivoted so for each participant one row is generated - for each visit there should be a column for image type with a value which concatenates the status and the date. Whilst I've a solution that concatenates the status and date under the visit, how do I also include the image type so that for each visit the data is available under each image type as well? –  user2165345 Jul 24 '13 at 7:08
check this LINK TO QUESTION . In reality my real problem was not that simple (and the data did not involve pigs!) but i abstracted and simplified the question so people would be able to answer more easily. Can you simplify your question at all? Have you tried using PIVOT? –  whytheq Jul 24 '13 at 7:28
Tried but couldn't get PIVOT to work correctly for me in this instance. The min(case) construct that I've shown worked great when all I needed was visit, but don't know if it is possible to nest another min(case) within it to include the image type data. –  user2165345 Jul 24 '13 at 7:38

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