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I'm writing an application in .NET to edit the instructions of any method. I want to put ldstr in OpCode and a string in Operand. Mono.Cecil allows me to set the Operand, but the problem is that the OpCode is a ReadOnly property. Is there any way to edit the OpCode? For this I use this code:

Dim assembly1 As AssemblyDefinition
assembly1 = AssemblyDefinition.ReadAssembly(rute)
For Each modDef In assembly1.Modules
    For Each typeDef In modDef.Types
        For Each mDef In typeDef.Methods
            For i = 0 To mDef.Body.Instructions.Count - 1
             mDef.Body.Instructions(i).OpCode.Code = Mono.Cecil.Cil.Code.ldstr
             mDef.Body.Instructions(i).Operand = "Text"

Thanks a lot!

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To change an code of instruction you can use Mono.Cecil.Cil.OpCodes enum.

mDef.Body.Instructions(i).OpCode = Mono.Cecil.Cil.OpCodes.Ldstr;

If you want to insert or emit new instructions, you can use Mono.Cecil.Cil.ILProcessor object.

mDef.Body.GetILProcessor().InsertBefore(targetInstruction, Instruction.Create(OpCodes.Ldstr, "New string"));
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