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I'm kind of new to FQL, but trying to create one specific function: Given a unique FB Id, I want to get a count of all comments and all likes. Then, if possible, I want to get a list of all new comments since [time]

I tried this:

SELECT comment_count
FROM   comment
WHERE  object_id = fbid

based on other questions I found, but I get a list of counts, rather than a single total count.

The real goal is to provide a utility to track any post on FB, and show the number of new likes or comments on the post, so I can click on it and see what is new. As a Page owner, I want to see the new activity on my posts and respond if necessary. Even old posts, if they are still active.

As a regular user, I often want to 'follow' posts from Pages and in Groups, and see what new comments are posted, but not really "follow" the posts and get notifications on Facebook.

The end result will hopefully be a browser sidebar that tracks all the conversations I'm interested in, and lets me know when there is new activity so I can followup on it.

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