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I'm trying to connect a BTLE peripheral to my iOS app but the CBConcretePeripheral object that is sent to didDiscoverPeripheral has a null UUID.

This is the info from the CBConcretePeripheral Object retrieved on an iPhone 5.

<CBConcretePeripheral: 0x20043eb0 UUID = (null), Name = "Wahoo HRM V1.7", IsConnected = NO>

This works for some devices but not others.

This is the info from the CBConcretePeripheral Object retrieved on an iPhone 4s.

<CBConcretePeripheral: 0x1dde9720 UUID = <CFUUID 0x1dde9400> 5147BE71-E894-0152-5669-D640CA5E321C, Name = "Wahoo HRM V1.7", IsConnected = NO>
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Apple have chopped and changed a bit with this, it depends on the version of iOS. I believe it relates to a privacy leak.

Some versions of iOS don't provide a UUID until after you connect to it, at which point you discover the same peripheral for a second time. The CBPeripheral object you are passed remains the same, so you can use that to determine if you are having your information updated about an existing peripheral or if it's a new peripheral. The documentation isn't great for CoreBluetooth, but there is additional information to be gained by reading the framework headers, and if I recall correctly, the iOS 7 documentation on CoreBluetooth is improved.

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