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I am building an android real-time accelerometer plotting application using achartengine. I have done a lot of research to solve the problems I mention below but couldn't find any working solutions.

The case is this: I am collecting accelerometer values and filling three XYSeries objects (one per axis). I use the XYSeries objects to plot the graph with the three timeseries. I want the graph to livescroll as the time passes. So I am using a different thread in the activity to update the graph, I am updating the X-axis and then I am calling


where view_eeg1 is of type GraphicalView

However, when I call the repaint method more than 3 or 4 times per second GC_CONCURRENT kicks in. In this thread Dan is discussing a similar issue, but I couldn't make it work smoothly.

Moreover, even if I ignore the GC_CONCURRENT warning messages and try to play with the app, when I move the device a lot, that is the graph becomes really crowded, the application crashes.

So, the main question here is, how to use achartengine for real-time plotting when the sampling and refresh rate become high?

I hope I am describing the problem in adequate detail, please let me know if you need more info.

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Some suggestions that may help:

  • You could repaint only the part of the graph that you know has modified using repaint(left, top, right, bottom) where the parameters define a rectangle on the screen that must repaint.
  • It may help repainting only once every second or so.
  • It may help removing some older values. You definitely don't want several 1000s of values in your series.
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Thanks Dan for the answer. 1) As time goes by, the whole graph has to be repainted, especially the X-axis. 2) If I do that, then the GC_CONCURRENT problem is solved, but the movement is not smooth at all. 3) I've already removed the older values. Each XYSeries only contains the last 1000 accelerometer readings. This application runs perfectly and smoothly, I think it uses achartengine too. I think that it uses a HorizontalScrollView to move the axes, so no pannin in the chart is enabled neither needed. – dimkots Jul 24 '13 at 11:20

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