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Does Google publish a debug version of their Pepper flash player, akin to Adobe's debug version of the standard player (

I would like to debug my Flex app in Chrome without disabling Pepper.

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The debug version of the PPAPI Flash Player for Chrome and Opera has been released. They are available in the Flash Player Downloads page:

Direct links:

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There is no debug version of the PPAPI (Pepper) Flash Player. See Chris Campbell's comment here: (posted Mar 4, 2014)

We currently do not have a debug player available for PPAPI at this time. This is something we're working on and hope to have addressed later this year.

Also refer to this issue where there is more likely to be traction on getting the debug version released:

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As of a few weeks ago, the debug (beta) version of PPAPI Flash is now available from Adobe Labs:

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You can use Monster Debugger:

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Monster Debugger, even if it is a good app, does not replace the native debug. Since Pepper Flash does not behave exactly the same way that original player, it would be very interresting to be able to debug with. – Simsoft Oct 11 '13 at 12:43

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