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the command (with the redirection):

 puppet apply --verbose --debug --modulepath '/etc/puppet/modules:/tmp/vagrant-puppet/modules-0' default.pp --detailed-exitcodes || [ $? -eq 2 ] &> errorlog.txt

i'm know my way around bash but a redirection newbie (and I need the redirection to debug something)

the command outputs a lot of text to the screen but for some reason the error.txt file is empty.

I tried redirecting also like: > errorlog.txtand ..]> errorlog.txt etc' but nothing seems to work.

The file is created but is empty

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It's not clear what your attempting with || [ $? -eq 2 ]] followed by &> errorlog.txt. Why would you expect output from one side of an || to appear in redirection attached to the other side of that || ? Good luck. –  shellter Jul 23 '13 at 17:11
I just copied this command from puppet output advising me to run this to get detailed errorlog. I don't really understand that –  alonisser Jul 23 '13 at 20:09

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You're redirecting the [ command. Try this:

puppet apply --options... &> errorlog.txt
[ $? -eq 2 ] && do something
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