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I have a hash like so:

my %h = ( a => { one => 1,
                 two => 2
          b => { three => 3,
                 four => 4
          c => { five => 5,
                 six => 6

print join(',', @{$h{a}{qw/one two/}});

The error I get is: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at line 17 which is the line with the print.

What I expected is 1,2

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To get a hash slice from a nested hash, you have to de-reference it in steps. You get the first level that you need:


Now, you have to dereference that as a hash. However, since it's not a simple scalar, you have to put it in braces. To get the whole hash, you'd put a % in front of the braces:

%{ $h{'a'} }

Now you want a slice, so you replace the % with an @, since you're getting multiple elements, and you also put your keys at the end as normal:

@{ $h{'a'} }{ @keys }

It might look easier to see the braces separately:

@{         }{       }
   $h{'a'}    @keys
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print join(',',@{$h{'a'}}{qw/one two/});

use of Data::Dumper greatly helps in cases like this one

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