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I need a non-standard App Engine package named qrcode. It is a pure python lib that only depends on PIL, which is supported by App Engine.

My folder structure is:

|--- handlers/
|------ my_handler.py
|--- util/
|------ __init__.py
|------ qrcode/
|--------- __init__.py
|--------- qrcode/
|------------ __init__.py
|------------ other lib files
|--- index.py

On index.py I map to my_handler.py and on my_handler.py I call from util.qrcode import qrcode inside one of the handler classes' get method. The problem is that I get ImportError: No module named qrcode.main on the __init__.py file.


from qrcode.main import QRCode, make
from qrcode.constants import *
from qrcode import image

qrcode.main is one .py file that is inside the qrcode package (to see the whole package, check the repository linked here)

I already looked and I can't find what is wrong. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!

Other questions I searched:
AppEngine server cannot import atom module
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Importing nested modules in Python

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Have you added util to sys.path ? – Tim Hoffman Jul 24 '13 at 5:52
Actually there is no need for that since I can access the folders (they are mapped in the app.yaml). I guess I found the answer. Will post now. Thanks anyway =D – marcelocra Jul 27 '13 at 20:46

The Python path will include the directory where app.yaml lives. If that's where your app module lives, then you should use absolute imports:

# in index.py
from app.handlers import my_handler

# in my_handler.py
from app.util.qrcode import qrcode
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Actually my app.yaml lives inside app as well. The main problem, I believe, is that for some reason I can't understand the main.py file that is inside qrcode is not found. – marcelocra Jul 23 '13 at 18:33

For some reason (I don't know) the package don't know its own name. To make it work I had to remove all references to qrcode on the package files. My new __init__.py imports became:

from main import QRCode, make
from constants import *
import image

All .py files' imports needed to be changed and I had to include PIL in the app.yaml (I forgot that before, but never got far enough to face this error =P).

By now I still can't generate the images, but I have no more import errors, so I guess the question is answered. Thank you!

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