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Is there anyway to display comment box of Facebook photo/album on my wordpress website? I really want to integrate facebook fully into the website, but it's hard to display the facebook photos/albums with their facebook comments. So I decided to upload the images to website then display comment box of the facebook photos.

The problem is when I've tried the official plugin - comments box of Facebook. I inputted "URL to comment on" is the photo/album link on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=183841845125998&set=a.183841811792668.1073741847.168957509947765&type=1&ref=nf) then I got the comment box code onto my wordpress website.

However, I saw my activity log was "(Me) commented on http://www.facebook.com/.... on facebook.com." The URL of facebook album was changed to facebook.com instead of the link I inputted at first. Although the comment was displayed on my facebook, but it didnt belongs to that album comments (just bcoz the URL was wrong).

So what I have to do? Is there any solution?


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