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The web browser built into Google Glass as of firmware version XE7 provides DeviceOreientation events, but the values don't seem to come from an expected frame of reference. How can one get proper compass headings out of this? With Glass positioned normally on the head:



     90  upright and level
    -90  inverted and level
      0  looking straight up or down


     90  right ear towards floor
    180  looking straight up
270/-90  left ear down
      0  looking straight down


This property is not stable when Glass is horizontal (what should be the most useful orientation for using compass direction, to determine where the wearer is looking). It gives stable readings only when Glass is tilted well above or below the horizon.

above horizontal

     90  North
      0  East
    180  West
    270  South

below horizontal

    270  North
    180  East
      0  West
     90  South
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May be you can get some idea on how to control the Compass from this newly launched sample

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