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I can’t cast parent class as a child – keep getting Invalid Cast Exception.

I can’t overcome this problem and I would rally use some help.

I’m developing an application that creates certain documents. There are total of 20 documents. 19 of themare unique and one derives from a different one by extending it contents. All certificates have common header information and document-specific body.

So I created Document class. I never instantiate Document class directly, only through its children. 19 documents are directly derived from Document class. Document class defines all fields and properties common to all documents along with methods to access SQL database. Constructors of each Document (child), when initiated to no argument call Document’s (parent) constructor passing an integer that helps that constructor select some unique information from common database table, such as unique title of the document, disclaimer or footer note.

Each document is to be created with Win Form interface. I created base interface that is common to all certificates and operates on header information as well as it contains methods common to all Document-WindowsForm interactions. Each child document has own form that derives from that parent form. On initialization each form instantiates corresponding Document (child) class and displays document title, disclaimer and footnote on load. Since documents rely on header info from the base form all methods are defined inside base form. Those methods accept and return Document data type (parent) because I never know what form will call them. Each time I pass newly instantiated Document as Document class (parent) and I cast returned datatype to match what I needed. That way I retain unique properties od child Documents while using generic methods to collect common information. That works for 19 of 20 documents. 20th is a problem. Doc20 derives from Doc19 which derives from Document class. Likewise Form20 derives from Form19 which derives from GenericForm. Doc20 is in fact a significant extension of Doc19.

On form Init I instantiate new Doc20 object. I grab title, disclaimer and footnote on form load event and display it as needed.

Then I try to call a method in GenericForm that accepts and returns Document class and cast a return value as Doc20. That works.

Next I call method in Form19. That method also accepts Document class and returns Document class and is tasked with collecting data from controls common to Form19 and Form20. I pass my Doc20 object as Document. Inside this method I need to access properties specific to Doc19 (thus Doc20) so I try to cast is as Doc19 and this is where Exception gets thrown. Interestingly Intelisense has no problems with syntax and application compiles just fine. Any idea why I cant cast parent as a child?

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All that prose, but no code. Please post your code. – Bill Gregg Jul 23 '13 at 19:24
Maybe because your "child" doesn't inherit from the "parent"? – Cole Johnson Jul 23 '13 at 19:25
@ColeJohnson I'm just impressed you read the whole thing. – Jonesopolis Jul 23 '13 at 19:26
@Jonesy barely. I skimmed most of it. – Cole Johnson Jul 23 '13 at 19:26

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