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I am using a drupal installation as a REST server for an Android application. I store data in nodes and occasionally a field is blank, for example a location that has no phone number. I had to standardize the JSON coming out of the drupal REST server to a specified class, so I was forced to add 0, as the value in the field.. Works great in Andriod, but when viewed on the drupal site, it looks bad..

So question is, if the value of the field is 0, Id like to change it to 'None'.

I could do this in D6 with cck, but i dont know d7 field api. Thanks

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You can do this in the node.tpl.php file, in the field.tpl.php file or with the template_preprocess_field function (recommended) and with so many other options with an if statement. See an example for first template and one for second option with the preprocess function.

If you don't want to edit tpl.php files or you don't have access to the template.php file of your theme you can use the Field formatter conditions module that allows you to do this condition. Alternatives are Custom Formatters and field_formatter_css_class.

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Thanks for the great answer! –  Todd Painton Jul 23 '13 at 21:59
But unfortunately, the Field formatter conditions module only examines OTHER fields to compare to. What I need is to reflect on the same field. I'll check out the other options. –  Todd Painton Jul 24 '13 at 12:27

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