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For example, I can copy a file to the clipboard like this:

clip < file.txt

(Now the contents of file.txt is in the clipboard.)

How can I do the opposite:

???? > file.txt

So that the contents of the clipboard will be in file.txt?

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You can use the paste.exe software in order to paste text just like you are describing.

With it you can do:

paste | command

to paste the contents of the windows clipboard into the input of the specified command prompt


paste > filename

to paste the clipboard contents to the specified file.

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so there isn't anything that comes with windows? – Matt Jul 23 '13 at 20:51
From what was posted with this, it seems that dos does not have any such functionality and the clipboard can only be accessed with the help of higher level programming languages. – Ted Jul 23 '13 at 21:03
clip.exe, which I mention in the question, comes with Windows. – Matt Jul 24 '13 at 14:22
Don't expect miracles, an image or spreadsheet copied to a clipboard isn't going to look that good in a text file. Which is of course the reason why there isn't a standard command for this, too many accidents. – Hans Passant Jul 24 '13 at 16:04
@HansPassant Oh, I'm angry. It is not a reason! How many kittens died because of these accidents? – kan Feb 19 at 16:58

There are third party clip commands that work bidirectionally.

Here's one:

    CLIP - Copy the specified text file to the clip board
    Copyright (c) 1998,99 by Dave Navarro, Jr. (
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I have a pair of utilities (from before the Clip command was part of windows) available on this page:

There are two utilities in there, Clip2DOS and DOS2Clip. You want Clip2DOS:

Clip2DOS Copyright 2006 Thornsoft Development Dumps clipboard text (1024 bytes) to stdout.
Usage: Clip2Dos.exe > out.txt Result: text is in the file. Limits: 1024 bytes. License: Free, as in Free Beer!


And hey, here it is (Clip2DOS.dpr) :

{Clip2DOS - copyright 2005 Thornsoft Development, Inc.  All rights reserved.}
program Clip2Dos;



   p : Array[0..1024] of Char;
    WriteLn('Clip2DOS Copyright 2006 Thornsoft Development');
    //Handle error condition
    on E: Exception do
              Writeln(SysUtils.format('Clip2DOS - Error: %s',[E.Message]));
              ExitCode := 1;    //Set ExitCode <> 0 to flag error condition (by convention)
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Here is the CLIP program by Dave Navarro, as referred to in the answer by @foxidrive. It is mentioned in an article here: copying-from-clipboard-to-xywrite

A link to the download, along with many other resources is on this page:

Here is a direct link to the download: "DOWNLOAD Clip.exe Copy from and to the clipboard by Dave Navarro, Jr."

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This dirty trick worked for my needs, and it comes with Windows!

notepad.exe file.txt

Ctrl + V, Ctrl + S, Alt + F4

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Very funny. Unfortunately, that is very slow with very large clipboards. – Matt Mar 27 '15 at 17:39

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