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I've been hours and hours (and time is running out to get this working) trying to figure out how to fill a select with the cities from a previously selected state using AJAX

the PHP file looks like this:


$state= $_GET["st"];

$cities= Zone::getCities($state);

echo json_encode($cities);

When I ALERT the result using ajax:

        function(data) {

{"id":"08137","titulo":"CAMPO DE LA CRUZ"},
{"id":"08132","titulo":"JUAN DE ACOSTA"},

I haven't found a way to Iterate and fill a SELECT with this data. The select should look like this

<select name="city" id="city">
    <option value="ID FROM THE JSON">TITULO FROM THE JSON ARRAY</option>

Thank you beforehand! I am seriously confused.

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Decode the JSON first, then add HTML to the select for each city.

function(data) {
    var cities = JSON.parse(data);
    for(var c in cities) {
        document.getElementById('city').innerHTML += '<option value="' + cities[c].id +'">' + cities[c].titulo + '</option>';
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Dude, you're awesome... It worked! That's all I have to say. I've been programming for 3 years and I learn and re-learn everyday! – JuanBonnett Jul 23 '13 at 22:29

it seems you are using jQuery, so I think you can easily iterate the JSON in your success callback

    var st=""
    for(i in data){
        st+="<option id='"+data[i].id+"'>"+data[i].titulo+"</option>"
    //here st contains all the options
    // you just have to append it in your select's html
    // I don't know your DOM structure, so if you didn't have anything 
    // you can add the select, then display it

It should work, but it depends on your actual HTML

Good luck

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