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I've got a few entries in a model named Ad. When accessing the model's URL /admin/ads , I can't see the table rows because they are being given a CSS id similar to "ad_1". Inspecting the source shows that the id has the rule display:none in an Active Admin style-sheet. Can I implement any workarounds?

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What does your resource register look like? Is the model called Ad or Ads? –  Josh Kovach Jul 23 '13 at 23:44
I have edited my post, the name of the model has a singular form - Ad –  Vasile Jul 24 '13 at 8:22
I haven't changed the register, it's the default one ActiveAdmin.register Ad do end –  Vasile Jul 24 '13 at 8:23
where does the display:none come from? i don't think that ActiveAdmin does this on purpose. –  phoet Jul 24 '13 at 8:49

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Thank you for your help, unfortunately it's something silly. Adblock Plus adds display:none to #ad_1, #ad_2 and so forth. Disabling the extension fixes this issue.

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