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I have a Windows Batch file that I'm running to move specific files into a subfolder.

ECHO Start Copy

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set SOURCE_DIR=C:\Users\paul.ikeda\Support\SNDataDemo91\SolidCAD\Inventor_in
set DEST_DIR=C:\Users\paul.ikeda\Support\SNDataDemo91\SolidCAD\Inventor_in\Files to Import
set FILENAMES_TO_COPY=SN_Router_1.ipt SN_Router_2.ipt SN_Router_3.ipt

    if exist "%%F" (
        set FILE_DIR=%%~dpF
    echo file "%%F"
        xcopy /Y "%%F" "%DEST_DIR%!FILE_INTERMEDIATE_DIR!"


This is copying my 3 desired files into the subfolder, but then it keeps going and creates a subfolder in the subfolder, copies the 3 files again into that subsubfolder, and it's repeating for as many files are in the original source folder. I just want to copy the 3 files to copy to the destination folder and stop there.

Can anyone spot the problem? I don't know enough batch code to properly debug this.

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If you just want to copy the files then this may suit you:

ECHO Start Copy

set "SOURCE_DIR=C:\Users\paul.ikeda\Support\SNDataDemo91\SolidCAD\Inventor_in"
set "DEST_DIR=C:\Users\paul.ikeda\Support\SNDataDemo91\SolidCAD\Inventor_in\Files to Import"
set "FILENAMES_TO_COPY=SN_Router_1.ipt SN_Router_2.ipt SN_Router_3.ipt"

pushd "%SOURCE_DIR%"
for %%F IN (%FILENAMES_TO_COPY%) do (
    echo file "%%F"
    xcopy /Y "%%F" "%DEST_DIR%\"
ECHO. done
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Hi this works much better, but is there an argument I can pass the xcopy command to not prompt if the destination is a file or folder? Right now i get prompted "Does ...DEST_DIR... specify a file name or directory on the target (F = File, D = Directory)? I always have to choose 'd'. –  ikathegreat Jul 24 '13 at 2:06
See my edit above: The trailing \ on "%DEST_DIR%\" will stop it prompting. –  foxidrive Jul 24 '13 at 2:09
excellent, thank you for your answer. –  ikathegreat Jul 24 '13 at 2:11

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