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I am trying to do some work on my keychain and am following this tutorial here Unfortunately I am getting the following error where it talks about searching the keychain

Cast of an indirect pointer to an Objective-C pointer to 'CFTypeRef *' (aka 'const void **') is disallowed with ARC

This is what the code looks like

 OSStatus status = SecItemCopyMatching((__bridge CFDictionaryRef)searchDictionary,(CFTypeRef *)&result);

Any help providing the correct code on how to cast indirect pointer would be greatly appreciated.

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Cast before you pass. –  CodaFi Jul 23 '13 at 23:53

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Use void * instead:

 OSStatus status = SecItemCopyMatching((__bridge CFDictionaryRef)searchDictionary,(void *)&result);
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thanks very much for the help :) –  HurkNburkS Jul 24 '13 at 0:20

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