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Where can I find documentation for this?

I am trying this option:

-format "%[pixel: u.p{1,1}]"

And it gets the pixel 1,1.

How could I get pixel at 100% of the image, I tried:

-format "%[pixel: u.p{100%,100%}]"
-format "%[pixel: u.p{-1,-1}]"

I was reading this, but this is difficult to understand as pixel entry says:

p = pixel to use (absolute or relative to current pixel)


The complete command I am using is:

color=`convert ~/Desktop/my_image.png -format "%[pixel: u.p{-1,-1}]" info:`

And I am trying to get the color in the last pixel of the image.

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By looking at the documentation i suggest you try u.p{w-1,h-1}

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