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I am writing a rake task to update the value in a specific column in a table. When I run the task, I get this error:

uninitialized constant FirstLookSubscription

Here is the rake task code:

namespace :first_look_db do
  desc "Adds one month to the Look Subscription"
  FirstSubscription.where(subscription_state: 'active').each do |t|
        t.update_attribute :next_billing_check, '2013-9-10'


I am new to rake tasks, and I don't want to do this as a migration. Any advice would be great!

also note: when I run this in the rails console, it executes without a problem, my biggest issue is turning it into a rake task so that our lead dev can run it

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What did you type in to run the task? What does your FirstSubscription model look like (app/models/first_subscription.rb)? – lurker Jul 24 '13 at 0:17
run task: bundle exec rake first_look_db attr_accessible :next_billing_check, :start_date, :expiration_date, :subscription_state – m_p Jul 24 '13 at 0:19
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You really need a task name. The namespace gives the namespace of the task, but declare a task by name and import the environment so it can find your ActiveRecords:

namespace :first_look_db do
  desc "Adds one month to the Look Subscription"

  task :add_month_to_look_sub => :environment do
    FirstSubscription.where(subscription_state: 'active').each do |t|
      t.update_attribute :next_billing_check, '2013-9-10'


This would go into a file called lib/tasks/first_look_db.rake. The task is called by:

rake first_look_db:add_month_to_look_sub

or possibly:

bundle exec rake first_look_db:add_month_to_look_sub

If the first one tells you to do so. You can name the namespace and task however you wish in the rake file. I just picked some names that seemed to make sense to me from what you had.

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that was it, thanks for taking time to help me out! – m_p Jul 24 '13 at 0:47
@m_p I'm glad it worked for you. :) – lurker Jul 24 '13 at 2:39

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