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Basically i´m getting data from two external sources and i wish to compare both.

First i´m getting data from a XML using Ajax and put it in a Array inside a Array:

var Array1 = []; //outside Ajax
var valueToPush = new Array();
valueToPush[0] = zz;
valueToPush[1] = aa;

Then i´m getting a post from a PHP file that i scrapped from a HTML file, meanwhile i´m trying to compare both data from XML and from the scrapped HTML (using date time), also using a if statement to limit the search:

if (lng < (-18)) {

for(var i=0, len = Array1.length; i<len; i++) {

var date1 = Array1[i][1];

if (date2 == date1) {


else {
//do something else

Well Firefox starts getting >1GB of Ram and the browser crash (sometimes i can stop the script). The problem (i think) is in the "for(var i=0, len = Array1.length; i

Anyone can point me out a solution?


Edit: Live version of the site crashing. Removing from 435-449..resolves the issue of crashing, but doesnt compare data.

Edit2: Following the comments, i edited the code to a much simpler version. It has two tables, one return the events from the scrapped HTML "if long < 18", the other table return the events "long > 18". Uncommenting 183 - 200 will make the browser crash. Notice after uncommenting, in the first table it will repeat infinitely the first result "if long < 18".

Working but commented -

Crashing uncommented -

Edit3 Following Crazy Train user suggestion, i replaced a i with another letter ex j in a for, and it solved my problem! Explanation of the cause of this is in the below comments. Thanks Crazy Train!

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How large is the file you are getting info from? and what's the length of Array1? – CBIII Jul 24 '13 at 0:05
Whatever the issue is, you've left it out of the question. – Crazy Train Jul 24 '13 at 0:10
A link to the page with the code causing the crash commented out would be much more useful. – Crazy Train Jul 24 '13 at 0:49
That's better. First, when debugging, what you need to do is eliminate chunks of code to eliminate them. That's what you did by commenting out the for loop, but you should have continued to do that. Eventually you'd have reduced it to a smaller bit of code that would have revealed the problem. Or if you still didn't know the issue, it would have been small enough to comfortably post in your question. My point is that you need to go through these basic debugging steps, and provide a working example of the problem in your question. The little bit of code you gave didn't accomplish that. – Crazy Train Jul 24 '13 at 17:00
...but finally, your problem is that you have your for loop inside another for loop, and both loops are using the i variable as the counter. So when you get to the inner for loop (the one causing the problem), you're resetting i to 0, and incrementing it to some value less than the boundary of the outer loop, so that loop never reaches its boundary, and never stops. Change your variable to j or something for the inner loop. – Crazy Train Jul 24 '13 at 17:03

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