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I have 4 textboxes all of them take id "Ans" and number from 1 to 4

 <asp:TextBox ID="Ans1" runat="server" placeholder="Favorite Color"></asp:TextBox>

I have this loop to get value for each text box

        for(int i = 1 ; i<5 ; i++)

        TextBox ans = FindControl (string.Concat("Ans", i.ToString()) as TextBox  != null );

but i get this message "can not convert type string to textbox "

i don't know what wrong

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You're missing a )

FindControl(string.Concat("Ans", i.ToString()))

I imagine it could be more readable like this

TextBox ans = FindControl(string.Format("Ans{0}",i)) as TextBox

Also, you need to remove != null at the end as, whatever you're trying to do, that's not the correct place :)

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For starters, you are missing a close paren )

I think this is what you mean

for(int i = 1 ; i<5 ; i++)
    TextBox ans = FindControl(string.Concat("Ans", i.ToString())) as TextBox;
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Try this:

TextBox ans = (TextBox)FindControl(string.Concat("Ans", i.ToString()));
if(ans != null)
    // found the textbox
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