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I'm configuring a RAID controller card for an older server pre-system-install. I've never had a RAID and it's brought up this question. In all my previous experiences (WinXP, Fedora 11, 15, 17) "device drivers" were installed or changed after the system was running. But for this RAID, the instructions say:

If you are configuring your startup (boot) ServeRAID controller, you must install the device driver while installing the operating system. [src= IBM ServeRAID: User’s Reference, p59]

This is a real pain because these instructions from 2003 want me to use a diskette! Ugg! Can you even buy one of these anymore? But, here's the thing. The site for the OS says:

Hardware RAID is specific to each controller. There are hardware drivers and software to manage the arrays before installation. To CentOS, a hardware RAID configuration looks like one device to install on. All the RAID functions are handled by the hardware controller.

Which implies the device drivers are somewhere else in the system. Which makes it clear I don't understand "device drivers" at all. So, Where are RAID device drivers stored if not on the hard drive?

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Perhaps you can use a USB to hold the drivers? That's how it was done when I installed RAID drivers for my current win7 x64 build. Not sure how it works for linux, but during the early stages of a Windows 7 install (and XP for that matter) you get the chance to install RAID drivers using a USB device. –  sous2817 Jul 24 '13 at 0:51
@xtian There are RAID drivers available with the OS install, via DVD or USB as mentioned above. The RAID controller is often initialized, however, via the RAID BIOS, which is available before the system BIOS jumps to the boot sector. –  Peter L. Jul 24 '13 at 4:09
@PeterzL. Yes. This card is not new to this machine. It was already working. I assume the drivers are then installed. But reading the User Manual, first the bootable Support CD configures the RAID. Then the instructions say the above. Isn't this backwards? Are device drivers necessary for the RAId card to communicate with the motherboard? –  xtian Jul 24 '13 at 9:06
@xtian I believe RAID devices are special because they operate, via the RAID BIOS on their RAID controllers, on multiple disks below the file system. There are several RAID configurations, but most will create a virtual disk, which can be larger than any single HD. Normally device drivers are the glue between the HW and OS, and there are RAID drivers that do this, but consider the RAID controller firmware operating below the OS as the glue between the motherboard and the RAID device. –  Peter L. Jul 24 '13 at 21:33
Sounds good. I needed to understand the lay of the land in non-IBM speak (don't get me wrong--their docs are very easy to understand). Post as much and I'll give you the answer points. –  xtian Jul 26 '13 at 1:10
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