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When developing directives it seems best practice to seperate the data / model from the actual directive.

For example if i have a directive called "Event" e.g.

<div class="event">

what is the best way to supply data to directives in the most reusable pattern? through a service?

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There is a lot that you can do with Directives. They are a lot of ways you can work with the data. The more direct way is to pass the data or references into your directive. Take a look at the link below for reference. As an example to your code, I would do the following:

<div dir-event event-title="context.title" event-start="context.startDate" ></div>

in the HTML, where context.title and context.startDate are objects on your controller. Then for the directive:

App.directive("dirEvent", function() {
        restrict: "A",
        transclude: true,
        template: "<div class='event'><h1>{{title}}</h1><small>{{startDate}}</small></div>",
        replace: true


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