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I am working on a namespace extension project, I need to implement multiple files drag and drop between Namespace Extensions. I have used DragQueryFile API to find the the number of files. But Always this Function give a crash.

Could anyone help me by explaining how we can implement this multiple files Drag and drop.

Thanks, Robin

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DragQueryFile only works with the data format CF_HDROP which only supports files/paths with a text representation (e.g. real filesystem files). If you're writing your own namespace extension you probably need to use native COM drag/drop (DoDragDrop, IDataObject, IDropSource, IDropTarget, etc). – Jonathan Potter Jul 24 '13 at 2:15
Hi Jonathan,thanks for the update. I am using COM Drag and drop only in the project. But I need to drag and drop files between extension. I am able to implement drag and drop for one file if multiple files are selected. Now I want to iterate through the PIDL data and find other elements.could you please provide some light regarding how to iterate through the pidl and find the next items. – user2612741 Jul 25 '13 at 4:52

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