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I am applying binding in one of the view model methods which is bound to click event. When i click for the second time, the binding is done again, and view model data fails to show up in the view. Can i have a condition where i can check if the div is already bound to a view model?

Here is My Jsfiddle

var VM;
$(document).ready(function () {
    VM = new MainViewModel();

function FetchProductFamiliesForProductsKO() {
    var data=[{family: 'family1'},{family:'family2'},{family:'family3'}];
    for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i = i + 1) {
        var fam = data[i].family;
        VM.AddProducts(fam, null, fam);

ProductMenu= function(name, subProductsMenu1, selectedMenu) {
    var self= this;
    self.productname = ko.observable(name);
    self.submenu = ko.observableArray([]);
    self.selectedProductName = ko.observable();

ProductSubMenu=function() {
    var self = this;
    self.submenuName = ko.observable();
    self.submenu2 = ko.observableArray([]);
    self.selectedSubMenuName = ko.observable();

ProductSubMenu2= function() {
    var self = this;
    self.submenu2Name = ko.observable();
    self.properties = ko.observableArray([]);
    self.selectedSubMenu2Name = ko.observable();

Properties= function() {
    var self = this;
    self.pName = ko.observable();
    self.shortDesc = ko.observable();
    self.longDesc = ko.observable();
    self.additionalDocs = ko.observableArray([]);

AdditionalDocument = function () {
    var self = this;
    self.docName = ko.observable();
    self.index = ko.observable();

function MainViewModel() {
    var self= this;
    self.productModel = new ProductMenu();
    self.subMenuModel = new ProductSubMenu();
    self.submenu2Model = new ProductSubMenu2();
    self.propertyModel = new Properties();
    self.AllProductsModel = ko.observableArray([]);
    //if true- show family products, hide sub family products 
    self.ReturnToFamilyProduct = ko.observable(true);
    self.ShowSubMenu = ko.observable(false);
    self.showSubMenu2 = ko.observable(false);
    self.ShowBackBtnOnSubMenuClick = ko.observable(false);
    self.IfDocumentsPresent = ko.observable(true);

    //to add product to products array
    self.AddProducts = function (name, subProductsMenu1, selectedMenu) {
        this.AllProductsModel.push(new ProductMenu(name, subProductsMenu1, selectedMenu));

     self.GetSubFamilyForProducts = function (data, event) {
        this.ShowSubMenu = ko.observable(true);
        SubProductMenus1 = [];
        var currentElement = data;
        $('#btnBackToFamily').html("back: "+currentElement.productname());
        self.productModel = new ProductMenu();
        self.productModel.productname = ko.observable(currentElement.productname());
        self.selectedProductName = ko.observable(currentElement.productname());
        var data=[{subFamily: 'subFamily1'},{subFamily:'subFamily2'},{subFamily:'subFamily3'}];

            $(data).each(function (index, subFamily) {
                var tt= data[index].subFamily;
                var temp = new ProductSubMenu();
                //console.log("subfamily:"+ tt);
                temp.submenuName = tt;
            self.showSubMenu2= true;
            self.productModel.submenu = ko.observable(SubProductMenus1);
            ko.applyBindings(VM.productModel, document.getElementById("subFamilyAccProduct"));

     self.fetchProductItemsForProduct = function (famName, data, event) {
        var SubProductMenus2 = [];

        self.subMenuModel = new ProductSubMenu();
        self.subMenuModel.submenuName = famName.submenuName;
        self.subMenuModel.selectedSubMenuName = famName.submenuName;
        self.ShowSubMenu = true;
        self.showSubMenu2 = true;
         var productItems=[{shortDesc:'subProd1'},{shortDesc: 'subProd2'}, {shortDesc: 'subProd3'}];
            $(productItems).each(function (index, value) {
                //console.log("short Desc: "+ productItems[index].shortDesc);
                var temp2= productItems[index].shortDesc;
                var temp = new ProductSubMenu2();
                temp.submenu2Name = temp2;
         //console.log("item coount: "+ self.subMenuModel.submenu2.length);
            ko.applyBindings(VM.subMenuModel, document.getElementById("ProductItemsForProd"));

    self.ShowProductInfoBrowse = function (subFamily, item) {
        //console.log("sub family name is :" + subFamily + ", "+ item);
        var familyname = VM.productModel.selectedProductName();
        self.submenu2Model = new ProductSubMenu2();
        self.submenu2Model.submenu2Name = item;
        self.submenu2Model.selectedSubMenu2Name = item;
        var temp = new AdditionalDocument();
        temp.docName = "PDF document";

        var temp2 = new AdditionalDocument();
        temp2.docName = "test document";
        console.log("doc count; "+ additionalD.length);
         self.propertyModel = new Properties();
         self.propertyModel.pName = ko.observable("Product Testing");
         self.propertyModel.shortDesc = ko.observable("short Description");
         self.propertyModel.longDesc = ko.observable("long Description");
         self.propertyModel.additionalDocs= ko.observable(additionalD);
         ko.applyBindings(VM.propertyModel, document.getElementById("ProductDetailsDiv"));       


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Have you written any code that we can use to understand what you mean? –  PW Kad Jul 24 '13 at 2:36
Here is the jsfiddle: (jsfiddle.net/2YCsN/37) In the jsfiddle example, On click of family1 the submenus are displayed. On click of subfamily1 the submenus under that family are displayed. On click of subprod1 the data and additional documents are displayed. When i click back subfamily on or any of the submenus- i get an error- since the binding is done again. So wanted to know if there is any way i can find out if a div is already bound to viewModel? Thanks in advance. –  user2439903 Jul 24 '13 at 3:54

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To determine if a view model has already been bound to a particular node, you can use


If the result is truthy, then something has already been bound. Your example is complex, but I would recommend the following things:

I think that using this kind of code:

click:function(data, event){ $('#subFamilyDiv').show(); $('#familyDiv').hide(); $root.GetSubFamilyForProducts(data, event); }

Is not a good practice, you could use specific knockout bindings, for instance, the visible binding

Also, I do not understand why you're doing a binding in the method:

ko.applyBindings(VM.propertyModel, document.getElementById("ProductDetailsDiv")); 

Why not binding everything on document ready and just update your VM.propertyModel when you need it?

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I tired having all the div's bound to their respective view models in document.ready. but i am getting a reference error- Uncaught error: unable to parse bindings, reference error - on the view model properties. I have to give the entire path for the properties, like viewmodelname.PropertyName in the view to solve this error. Not able to replicate this error in jsfiddle to share a link. Any solution for this problem? –  user2439903 Jul 24 '13 at 9:15
Is "Uncaught error: unable to parse bindings, reference error" the complete message or does the console provide more information? –  mael Jul 24 '13 at 9:19
for example this is one of the error i got: Uncaught Error: Unable to parse bindings. Message: ReferenceError: familyName is not defined; Bindings value: value: familyName, valueUpdate: 'keyup', event:{keyup: familyNameKeyUp}. familyName is a property in one of the viewModels. When the view model is binded seperately in the function calls, i dont get this error. only when binding is done in document.ready, getting this error. None of the div's are overlapping. –  user2439903 Jul 24 '13 at 9:29
When you have bindings errors, add <pre data-bind="text: ko.toJSON($data, null, 2)"></pre> to the HTML where the error occurs. It will show you the data that is a bound. Obviously, something in your model is not initialized, or you're binding the model to the wrong HTML node. It's hard to tell you more. –  mael Jul 24 '13 at 9:39
It points to ** {"additionalDocs": null } ** and the view model for the addtional documents is : Properties = function () { var self = this; self.pName = ko.observable(); self.shortDesc = ko.observable(); self.longDesc = ko.observable(); self.additionalDocs = ko.observableArray([]); }; AdditionalDocument = function () { var self = this; self.docName = ko.observable(); self.index = ko.observable(); }; The jsfiddle (which shows the binding for addtionalDocs): (jsfiddle.net/2YCsN/37). Can this help? –  user2439903 Jul 24 '13 at 10:27

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