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I know Android NFC device can use Android Beam to share small size information like URL.
And, I know the Android NFC can't pretend be a tag.

In my potential Access Control project, we want to use similar tech to share 32 bytes Digital Key and Authentication ID (8 bytes) with a NFC PCB module.

Is it possible?

If it is, is there any framework or lib to provide high level API?
Do we need use low layer api to rebuild something like Android Beam?

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Do You need smth like discussed here groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-platform/hoFX1AcsmvM (it has some useful links to API which operates open communication protocols)? –  sandrstar Jul 24 '13 at 3:23

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Yes,It's possible.I developed one project like that before.

In non-android device, you should implement LLCP and SNEP(or NPP) protocol. And for the phone, you should develop your own application to provide the message.

In last project, we use libnfc to drive the PN532 chip on PC, then use libllcp for the LLCP layer, and implemented SNEP stack. At last develop our own service and application.

Maybe you can have a try like this way, or implement the protocols I mentioned above.

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