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when using the asana Oauth to get the Token

the https://app.asana.com/-/oauth_token return


No route found

Any help? Thanks!

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Can you provide a bit more information about what you're sending? Ideally a full HTTP trace (such as you'd get from curl -v) would help identify what's going on. –  agnoster Jul 25 '13 at 23:40

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Create you application in asana


GET URL = 'https:// app.asana.com/-/oauth_authorize?client_id='+ setting.client_id + '&redirect_uri=' + setting.redirect_uri + '&response_type=' + setting.response_type

You get the code, POST code URL'https:// app.asana.com/-/oauth_token?grant_type=authorization_code' + '&client_id=' + setting.client_id + '&client_secret=' + setting.client_secret + '&code=' + query.code + '&redirect_uri=' + setting.redirect_uri

The access code is issued for an one hour. POST URL 'https:// app.asana.com/-/oauth_token?grant_type=refresh_token' + '&client_id=' + setting.client_id + '&client_secret=' + setting.client_secret + '&refresh_token=' + setting.refresh_token ----- for refresh access co

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