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I'm currently using a filter filter on an ng-repeat which includes a number of search criteria input fields and a global search like this Plunker (ignore the misbehaviour of ng-repeat, this is a Plunker artifact).

Trouble is a couple of my search criteria inputs should be multi-selects, which breaks the default filter. So, next stop, custom filter like this.

I'd like to continue to leverage the default filter model.$ capability to search across all fields rather than write custom code to iterate over the whole model, so would make sense to extend the default filter like this.

[ignore this - just including a code block so stackoverflow will let me post the above JSFiddle link.]

This is where more trouble ensues:after several attempts, not at all clear how to combine the filter filter with filter extension, and the overloading of the word filter isn't helping my Googling much...

Assistance appreciated.

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