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i have the following scenario: 1. i will keep a list of stores locations (coordinates and info) 2. will "feed' relevant info from that list to Google map object 3. the user can search for stores around a given radius from their home 4. the generated map will display markers of stores if any are found.

so far, i'm good.. NOW: after such a map has been generated and markers placed in it, how can i retrieve (hopefully from the Google object) a list of all included stores/markers ? -- the idea here is that my client wants to store the users' address along with the stores close to their home.

any help would be highly appreciated, thanx in advance

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http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1349442/google-maps-api-create-a-store-locator seems to be the same question. I'm still working through a similar problem myself. I'll contribute on the other question if I'm able to add anything after working through the documentation and other answers.

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eventually i tackled the issue from another direction: 1. get lat & lng of user's address using geo.getLocations 2. check distance from all stores in Db (lat lng already stored in Db) using a php function 3. write link in html for each store that's within desired radius 4. link opens a window with google map containing address and store location as markers

long story short: First crate the list, THEN display maps.. = no need to try extract data from the map.

i guess there are better ways to go about it - this one did it for me.. i will gladly submit the code in detail to anyone interested. it involves combination of js, php and some jquery ajax.

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You want to look for the harvesine formula. The harvesine formula can compute the distance between 2 points. If you can do a query nested with the harvesine formula you select all stores within a given radius.

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thanx, i did just that when i was working on that project a while ago. – samoyed Aug 8 '11 at 5:43

I would do this:

//points is an array of LatLng items

var bounds = map.getBounds()

for (i=0,len=points.length;i<len;i++) {
  if (bounds.contains(points[i])) {
    //do your stuff with the visible item
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