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I'm developing a script for Greasemonkey, but I'm stuck trying to activate links via JavaScript.
The script should check the web page for a certain href link and, after finding it, it must activate it (like clicking on the link).

If it helps, the href I'd like to activate is a "javascript:FUNCTION" kind of link.

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Find the url that you want to direct the user to and then use

var href = ...//find url
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    <script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
    	function somescript() {
    		window.location.href = document.getElementById('ololo').href;

    <a href="javascript:alert('test');" id="ololo">test</a>
    <br />

    <a href="javascript:somescript()">click me</a>

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For functionalities like these where an onclick has to be fired on elements, I find it easy and fast to use jquery. If you can include jquery, then you can use the click() function on that element.

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