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I know this problem has been asked in this site many times, but it seems that the answers I have found did not work. So basically in the parent document, I have an iframe that refers to a document called external.html in the same domain. In the external.html file, there are several variables defined in the script tag in the head section. What I want to do is to access these variables in the parent document. The following is the code I used:

    var e = document.getElementById('iframe-id').contentWindow.e;

However, it doesn't work reliably. If I do an alert(e) after that statement, sometimes it shows undefined, but sometimes it shows the correct value. My interpretation is that the load function is called when the script in the iframe has not finished execution yet. In other words it depends on the timing of the execution of the two scripts (the one in the parent node and the one in the iframe). Adding a timeout statement is not an option for me. Is there a reliable way to fire an even when the iframe is completely rendered, including the HTML part and the script that modifies HTML elements?

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I posted this question on another forum and found a solution.

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