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I have a custom post type - Films. It has a taxonomy of Film_cat, which in turn has two terms/categories - Term1 & Term2.

For each single post within Term1, I would like to display a specific single.php template. Each single post within Term2 should also have it's own single.php template.

I am currently utilising taxonomy-film_cat-term1.php for the taxonomy archives templates, however can't find any info on how to create different single.php templates based on the taxonomy term.

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you can create single.php page by renaming it according to your custom post type name.
For Example:

   Your custom post type Name: Films
   Your single.php will be: single-films.php

So you can find all the posts of the film on single-films.php.Hope I have cleared my self

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Thanks, but I need to find a single post of a Custom Post Type > Taxonomy > Taxonomy Term. Does that make sense? –  SeekingCharlie Jul 24 '13 at 9:09

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