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The scenario my company asked me to find solution is,

  1. Install MySql
  2. Create Users and grand privileges
  3. Create a database
  4. Install Multiple exe files
  5. Run 3-4 sql scripts.

Ok so i saw InstallShield features, i was looking at NSIS option too but my company dont care if we will buy InstallShield or use a free one so i dropped this options, after 2-3 hours of researching i found that installshield is probably the best.

But i have 0 experience in this field and i cant tell for sure if InstallShield can meet my needs or if im overthinking this scenario and there is a simple solution.

Any advise is appriciated.

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possible duplicate of Specific scenario for a windows installer –  Christopher Painter Jul 24 '13 at 12:00
Please don't double post. InstallShield CAN do these things but I really don't recommend it. See my comments and answer in the other question. Choosing NSIS doesn't matter but in fact would be even harder. –  Christopher Painter Jul 24 '13 at 12:01

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