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I've got two static methods in a Java class :

public class MyFoo {
    public static ClassA foo(ParameterA pa, ParameterB pb, ParameterC c)
        // some implementation
    public static ClassB bar(ParameterA pa, ParameterB pb, ParameterC c) {
        // some implementation

And an implementation of ClassA with a method :

public class ClassA {
    public ClassB baz() {
        // some implementation

Method bar() was introduced as a new feature and basically it replaces MyFoo.foo(a, b, c).baz(). I'd like to refactor such calls to MyFoo.bar(a, b, c). Is it possible to do this in any IDE? I'm using IntelliJ IDEA, but tips for any IDE are welcome.

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Thank you for explaining the downvote... –  Danstahr Jul 24 '13 at 8:16

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In Netbeans you can use the Inspect and Transform functionality. You can write your custom script doing stuff like that. It can then be run on a set of files or by clicking a sidebar hint. See also this and this blog entry.

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If you have all the code which ever calls bar() - you can open every project in the universe which links against your code, then:

  • Comment out the real bar() method
  • Use your IDE's rename refactoring to rename foo() to bar()
  • Delete the former foo() method
  • Uncomment the real bar() method
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But how does it get rid of the baz() call in foo(..).baz()? –  Jirka-x1 Jul 24 '13 at 9:04
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IntelliJ IDEA has Structural search and replace functionality, which allows me to reach my goal.

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