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I started with a mapping from this vim tip to use lvimgrep to search across files for the current word under cursor:

map <F4> :execute "lvimgrep /" . expand("<cword>") . "/j **" <Bar> lw<CR>

I realized that I'd like to edit the file glob path or search pattern before the command's actually executed. for ex: when cursor is on a javascript variable in html file, pressing F4 just searches for the variables in the html files. It'd be better if it formed command and let me edit it before its executed. Dropping the trailing <CR> prints out the code as is - command window shows:

 :execute "lvimgrep /" . expand("<cword>") . "/j **" <Bar> lw

but that's hard to edit. I'd actually like the mapping to show:

 :lvimgrep /theword/j *.js //---- cursor waiting here 

I've tried all that I could but not sure how to go about it - and vimscript's not exactly easy.

PS: possible dupe of Editable vimgrep string in command line

PPS: final mapping (I've used <leader>*):

  nnoremap <expr> <leader>* ":lvimgrep /" . expand("<cword>") . "/j **/*." .  expand("%:e") . "\|lopen"
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You can do that with a :help map-expr instead of :execute. This evaluates the expression and then uses the result as the right-hand side of the mapping:

:nnoremap <expr> <F4> ":lvimgrep /" . expand("<cword>") . "/j **"

Alternatively, you could insert the current word with <C-r><C-w>:

:nnoremap <F4> :lvimgrep /<C-r><C-w>/j **

Additional tip: You should use :noremap; it makes the mapping immune to remapping and recursion.

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perfect - the <expr> mapping worked beautifully –  Raghu Jul 24 '13 at 9:23

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